End of the Summer


This summer has been so productive and fun at the same time! For  a quick summary, my research is related to solar energy cells and understanding electron transfer between organic dyes and the semiconductor TiO2. The end goal was to find a probability distribution function that best fit the data to represent the system and kinetics behind electron transfer.  I collected data of Rhodamine B on glass, Rhodamine B on TiO2 and Rhodamine 6G on TiO2. After working up the data to test if the Power Law is a goof probability function, I rewrote a code to test the Weibull function. Interestingly enough, the power law best fit both RB on Tio2 and R6G on TiO2 on times, while Weibull best fit all of the off time data sets. Unfortunately, there might still be some glitches in the code for a Weibull function, but I am working on hammering out these problems by the end of the week. Despite this, these results are very interesting, and next I will be working towards re-writing a code to test a stretched exponential function. I have learned so much about statistics and probability and have put my math skills to the test, but decided that I really enjoy math and am happy this summer was another way to confirm that.

Outside of lab, I have gotten super close to my lab mates and some of the other students in the different labs. The icecream Wednesday were always delicious despite some of the crazy flavors. I have learned so much from the lovely Professor Wustholz and am excited to see where research takes us during the year. I would like to thank the chemistry department and the Charles Center for this great opportunity and experience and hope everyone has a relaxing rest of summer!


  1. Hey! It has been so great to read about your work here and also to see it in lab! You’ve done an amazing job integrating the math and chemistry aspects of your project and your results are very impressive. I can’t wait to see where your project goes next semester!