21 Mysteries

Hello all!

Here goes my final blog post for the summer…

In order to select for reporter activity, I identified colonies that were growing on the quadruple selective plates (- TRP-URA-HIS-ADE). After performing the yeast two-hybrid screen, I had a total of 21 blue colonies on all of the plates! Each blue colony represents a protein that interacts with E6-AP. I have been home in California and away from lab, so I have not yet extracted these proteins and then sequenced them in or der to find out what they are. I cannot wait to head back to lab in a few days to discover what these proteins are! Hopefully I will find new protein interactions with E6-AP.

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The next step…

I’ve been processing my summer research the last few weeks.  And, as I start my senior year, gearing up for my next academic adventure whether that be in the form of graduate school or finding a job that allows me to conduct research, I can honestly say that this summer has impacted how I view research and how I view myself.

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Having Found Faeries

Walking toward the top of Knock ma.

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Another question and a problem (amongst many) arising from Serbian homophobia

The research I completed this summer allowed me to meet some of the most inspiring and dedicated activists in Serbia.  I was able to meet with one such activist while in Belgrade quite often because she was associated with the NGO that I was working from.

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Belgrade Pride: I was part of history

The situation for LGBT citizens in Serbia isn’t very pretty.  Yes, there have been gains in recent years, but those gains have not provided the necessary protection and acceptance that these individuals deserve.

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