Back in Williamsburg

For the last two weeks I have taken a brief break from research.  Once I got back to the States, I had to unpack and then re-pack so I could move back to Williamsburg for Residence Life training.  I’m a Program Advocate so we have to have our training completed before the RAs start their training.  My co-workers and I have all been very busy in the Programming Resource Center prepping the space and helping the Head Residents and RAs make their bulletin boards and door tags. Training is winding down now, though, which means that research will be able to start to pick up again.  I’ll be sure to update you soon with anything that I find!


  1. Does saying “your mom” count as a blog post response thingy? Though I suppose your 6 sentences about PA life hardly even count as a blog post. You didn’t even mention Pixar. Or Blackbeard! You should read my blog post which I wrote after work tonight. Like a boss…. Actually, I wrote most of it while I was home in SC. But I’m still a boss. Love Blakely.

  2. Hi Lauren!

    I loved reading about your research throughout the summer. I am so jealous that you got to travel and it seems that, although you ended up revising your topic, you still got to learn and experience some pretty amazing things! Good luck with this.