The next step…

I’ve been processing my summer research the last few weeks.  And, as I start my senior year, gearing up for my next academic adventure whether that be in the form of graduate school or finding a job that allows me to conduct research, I can honestly say that this summer has impacted how I view research and how I view myself.


I spent my summer talking with the people who fight everyday for social justice and equality, who influenced how I think about human rights and also how to effectively do social change.


I don’t know where this research will take me.  My interests were pulled in so many directions with the many experiences I had.  As I go into this academic year, I’m excited to continue this research.  I’m more excited to see where this research takes me.  Social action research is definitely the path I think I will follow post-William and Mary, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This fall, I’m taking a few courses that will help to further my research skills.  I’m excited for my applied anthropology where I’ll learn more anthropological theory and add that layer to my research.  I’m also excited for my government seminar in human rights where I plan to continue looking at human rights in former-Yugoslavia.  My goal for this year is mainly to solidify what I learned this summer and add to my research repertoire.


I’m grateful for being in Eastern Europe, and I’m grateful for the people who showed me such kindness as I attempted to understand the hardships they face everyday.  For even though the LGBTIQ community faces so many challenges, these individuals, these wonderful people, have so much determination and hope.  It empowers me to continue with my research, and to continue to research in order to make positive social change.


  1. elrudebusch says:

    I definitely can relate to your first paragraph–this summer has taught me so much about my specific research question, research in general and myself. Good luck with all of your pursuits!