Brief Summary of Summer Work

This summer my partner and I looked closely at one model of zooplankton population.  Using this model we found that the mortality was one of the most sensitive parameters which implied that it is one of the most sensitive parameters in other zooplankton population models.  This supported the claim that the mortality term need more research and refinement.  Some of the work we did was included in a proposal for a NSF grant to continue research on zooplankton modeling.  We also looked at different types of mortality terms that include predation and competition to limit the growth the population, but more work is need to find which is best, if any.

We compiled notes on everything we’ve done so far on this project into a document over 60 pages in length which includes important figures and explanations behind the math.  I have refined my programming and scripting skills in MATLAB and learned LaTex.

I will continue working on this project this semester and probably behind.  We have also decided that my partner and I will begin more individual work.  We will still work on the same overall project and be in almost constant communication, but we will begin work on different aspects of the project which have not yet been decided.