Embodied Power and Sexism

Sexism is an issue that still exists in various forms in our society. Studies show that sexism can lead to physical and emotional issues, because it is typically seen as a consequence of undesirable behavior. As a result, women often cope with sexist comments and sexual harassment through self blame. However, women who are committed to fighting sexism or identify as feminists often have an activist personality, and more likely to confront sexism. Women who do not confront often consider confrontation, and are more likely to use less aggressive forms of rebuttal. Confrontation can lead to a positive self-image and can benefit society by dispelling thoughts of sexism, but is prevented by fears of humiliation, professional and personal retaliation, or judgement. My project focuses on whether embodiment of power can increase confrontation, particularly to sexist comments. By increasing the likelihood of confrontation, we can help redefine gender roles and eliminate sexism.