Sierra Leone’s Health System

Hello. My name is Alpha Mansaray. I am currently a freshman at the college. I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I left Sierra Leone due to a civil war that tore the nation apart. The civil war destroyed more than the physical appearance of my native land; it destroyed the hopes and the dreams of its citizens.  I went back to Sierra Leone after the civil war, only to find a nation that was in worst conditions than I remembered. I remembered coming back to the United States, and feeling compelled to help my beloved homeland.  When I got to college I joined the Sharpe Community Scholars program, because I knew it would help me make a difference in Sierra Leone. The Sharpe program encouraged me to develop a research topic and of course, my research topic focused on Sierra Leone. In Sharpe, I researched ways in which an individual like myself could help solve the problems caused by the Sierra Leone Civil War, and I eventually landed on the health system.  I researched the health system of Sierra Leone for an entire semester. After Fall semester, I concluded the next phase of my research is to go to Sierra Leone to observe the system in person. From theses observation, I want to develop a research question that I can work on throughout my years in academia, and beyond that will help fix some aspect of the health system of Sierra Leone.

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