Barbados fortification research

Today is my twelfth day in Barbados, and the saying is true, things do go much slower here on the island.  Soon I will begin surveying a couple potential excavation sites, as the group I will be working with arrives this Wednesday. I have used my time here to research what little is know about the forts in Barbados.

I have spent the majority of my time so far walking up and down the west coast, looking for any ruins left from the coastal defense system.  I was able to “locate” two fortifications, St. Anne’s castle, an active BDF military base, and Charles Fort, located at Needleham’s point.  Charles Fort appears to be undergoing some sort of renovation by the Hilton hotel.

While researching at the Holetown Library, I found a walking guide leading to the ruins of Maycock’s Fort, located in St. Lucy.  Unfortunately, after a seven mile trek from Speightstown, I was forced to give up my search as there was no safe route available down the cliff to the beach, the only known route a path down a gully, which was blocked by a dead goat.  I intend to try again to find a path, but to go in a group this time for safety.  Next week should mark the start of the physical survey.

Cannons on the south wall of Charles Fort.