Coming to an End

It’s probably pretty obvious, but I’ve been putting off the last blog post. It’s sad! I’ll try to cover as much as I can.

We spent an amazing 5 days in Madrid after we left Cádiz with the abroad students. We met a woman who spent her youth in concentration camps in France, whose name was taken from her by Franco’s government, and who became a really great friend while we were there.

Most strikingly, Kate and I met Ángeles García-Madrid, who wrote the memoir we read (and wrote about!) in class last fall. She was a wonderful, small old woman who had a ton of energy and loved vermouth. It was really an amazing opportunity to get to hear some of her stories in person after learning about them in class. She told us about the medallion of Cupid that her sister had reclaimed from an abandoned house during the war and given to Ángeles on her wedding day. She was very passionate about it. She was passionate about a lot of things.

We also met a group of women who were exiled together in Mexico, who had Republican passports issued by the Mexican government. All of them had stories to share and we all enjoyed listening to them.

This is the kind of thing I don’t want to close the book on!

Luckily, it’s not totally over. Although Professor Cate-Arries’s research will continue next summer, we’re delighted to be given an opportunity to sort of summarize and present our research in an exhibit of my and Mike’s shared photography and everyone’s stories. I look forward to that at the end of the semester, because I am going to miss these people and their passion.


  1. Being able to meet and talk to the author of the memoir you read must have been a really great experience! It probably gave the memoir much more impact.