The Age Differential of Women Interviewed

I am becoming aware of trends from the answers we receive to our interviews. We have spoken with a few mothers who are younger than I am, ranging to women in their 40s. I consistently notice a difference in answers and interactions based on the age of the woman. Most that are under 25 also speak excellent English, to the point where we can ask most of the questions without a translator. I wonder if the differences come from technology advances or from schooling advances. These women also have a better knowledge of essential hygiene and hand washing practices.

Today, we sat down with a woman who grew up in the community but left to get a nursing degree in a nearby community. She came home to visit family in her home community, and happened to be sitting outside when we came to her house. She provided an interesting perspective on health in the community, as someone who had grown up in the village but also possessed a deep knowledge of best health practices. This women explained to us how many myths exist about childcare and what to feed children when they are young, because these practices are ingrained in the community. Women will feed children the local foods, though they are devoid of essential nutrients, because ‘this is what they eat.’ This woman said it was always difficult for her to come home, because she saw such unhealthy practices but did not know how to change them, or explain to others better childcare practices.