CoLang 2014

I’m in the middle of my second week of CoLang here in Arlington, TX. Texas isn’t as hot and dry as I had imagined, so that’s nice. It’s even stormed a few times!

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She lives, she breathes, she is beautiful

To my always growing audience of enthusiastic readers and loving admirers,

“What’s new?” people like to ask me about my project. “How’s the research?” they wonder. “Are the birds safe yet?”

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A Foray into GIS Instruction

After a week-long delay, caused by some difficulties coordinating with TI-U’s partner organizations, we are now nearing the completion of our second week of ArcGIS trainings. These trainings are divided into two sections, each of which meets twice a week for two hours, thus providing TI-U staff and its partners with a great deal of flexibility. This flexibility was a necessity given the hectic work schedules of training participants, many of whom divide their time between Kampala and frequent excursions into the field. As of right now, we are training nine individuals, four of whom are from TI-U, while the other five are divided between Citizen Watch-IT (election monitoring and social accountability) and Action for Development (women’s empowerment and advocacy).

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