IAT Study

Hello everyone!

I am checking in from the Social Cognition Lab in Tyler Hall. This past week or so has been a busy one for me.

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Oddball Task


I hope everyone has been enjoying his or her summer. The first week or so of my research has been going very well! I met with my professors that will be overseeing my research and other fellow researchers who will be also working in the lab this summer.

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Slimey Seastars

Hi again! The last time I left you I mentioned a new experiment I would be starting on the seastar, Pteraster tesselatus.  Pteraster are commonly called the slime star because when agitated they produce massive amounts of a clear slime. Unlike the Pisaster and Evasterias, Pteraster do not have a feeding larval stage. Instead, Pteraster embryos hatch into larvae that do not feed before they settle and undergo metamorphosis to become a juvenile. There is not a large history of Pteraster research, especially in egg size manipulations, and I have never worked on this species before. Since it can be very difficult to work with this species, before we could do any true experiment to manipulate egg size, we had to make sure we would be able to spawn and fertilize the eggs.

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“There Are No Endings, Only New Beginnings”

This summer has been a great experience for me. Not only did I begin my own project in the lab, but I also gained an amazing amount of experience that many undergraduates are unable to experience before graduation. It’s surprising to reflect back to the days before I started the summer and see how much I’ve learned.

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Dear Diary: A Victory!

Dear Summer Blog Post,

When we last talked I complained about the woes of having bad competent cells with which to make protein(unsuccessfully). That problem has been rectified and science and results can continue. And so they do!

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