Final Thoughts and Reflections

With the summer drawing to a close, I have realized that the data analysis will continue for some time into the semester. The SOMOS team will hopefully help give me some insight into the best way to approach the campaign against dengue in the community as I present more of my findings to them.

Thus far, using my coding system, I have coded, analyzed for mode and frequency of response, and put together several cross tabulations. I have found that a staggering amount of the sample are highly concerned, yet the subsequent responses about prevention and shared knowledge fluctuate. This fall, I will be working with Dr. Aday to use SPSS, a software that I have yet to work with, to analyze the responses and coding in various ways. Hopefully, the output will lead us in the direction of some very poignant questions- such as: if there is such a great concern among the community, then why is the community not seeking the resources that it lacks to prevent dengue?

As you can see from this newspaper article that I encountered in the Dominican while I was there, dengue, and its sister Chickungunya, is a concern for the nation. Because of the elevated concern and rapid spreading of the disease, it seems fitting to have a campaign that would educate the community on effective prevention techniques so as to alleviate possible infection now and in the future. IMG_1835


Despite the fact that this is not a true conclusion to the work, I find this very SOMOS-esque. SOMOS, I have come to find, is an extremely dynamic project – never confined to deadlines and due dates, ever changing, ever moving, ever developing. I am extremely excited to see what the team will do with the information I have collected and analyzed throughout the course of the summer.


I would like to thank the Charles Center and the Sharpe program for giving me the opportunity to carry out this project. I would also like to thank Dr. Aday, my SOMOS-eros and my summer travel partners for their support and continued efforts to make this the wonderful project that it is.