Final thoughts and thanks

For my final Charles Center blog post, I’d like to invite you to check out my Medium blog post on my experience as an AidData Summer Fellow at UNICEF Uganda. You’ll see lots of pictures and some of my takeaways from working on data in the field.

I’d also like to thank a variety of people who made this summer such an invaluable learning experience. Thank you to the Charles Center for funding my Fellowship. AidData deserves huge recognition for organizing and facilitating the entire summer (special thanks to Alena, Andrew, and Martha for working closely with the Summer Fellows before, during, and after our time in-country). Shout out to all the Uganda Fellows who truly enriched my time in Kampala– what a highly motivated and talented group of individuals.

All the staff I interacted with at UNICEF Uganda and other organizations were exceptional. Thank you all for being welcoming from day 1 and incorporating us into most everything you were working on. I will miss everyone on the UNICEF Youth Engagement and Livelihoods team and have great memories from the office and the field. Your work is inspiring and I feel very lucky to have been a very small part of it.