Abstract: Public Programming, Outreach, and Arts Education at the Getty Museum

Hello everyone!

My name is Claire Tinsley and I am a rising senior art history major here at the College. I’m incredibly excited to be a recipient of the Woody Internship in Museum Studies, which means I will spend my summer out in Los Angeles, California interning at the J. Paul Getty Museum. This is hugely exciting for me, as I have wanted to work in a museum environment for a long time and I believe this experience will help me reach that goal.

My summer research situation is a little different than most people’s, because I did not apply with a specific research project in mind – instead, I was applying for an internship. Now that I’ve received that internship, I’m beginning the process of deciding what to research. The Getty has a world-class collection of ancient Roman/Etruscan sculptures, medieval manuscripts, European painting and decorative arts, and more. There is really so much for me to go on that I’ve found myself almost paralyzed by the options! One thing that I have considered doing is really delving into the way the museum itself operates, particularly with regards to public programming and education. The Getty has an enormous variety of events and programs, aimed at everyone from elementary school children to college students to lifelong learners. These events include live concerts, lectures, themed tours, and outdoor theatre, just to name a few. I am very interested in learning about how these programs are developed, who attends them, what makes them successful, and how they could be improved. Because I will already be working in the arts education department, all of this information would likely be readily available and relevant to my internship.

However, as I said, this is still a preliminary idea. I would not put it past me to walk into the museum, see a painting or sculpture that I love, and decide to research that instead. We will see what happens – and I promise to update as soon as I decide for certain!

Thanks for reading!

The exterior of the J. Paul Getty Musuem in Los Angeles.

The exterior of the J. Paul Getty Musuem in Los Angeles.