The Perception of Korean Consonants


My name is Anna Henshaw, and I am a sophomore and a Linguistics major. My project this summer will deal with the perception of a certain group of Korean consonants; what characteristics of the consonants and their surrounding vowels are the strongest cues for perceiving that specific consonant.

In many languages, perceptual cues for consonants are often located in the preceding or following vowel. In my experiment, I will first record a native Korean speaker saying several sentences that contain the target words, which each start with a different consonant in the category that I am studying. I will then use software to isolate the target words, and to cut the vowel and consonant portions apart. I will then mix and match these portions, so that words contain vowel and consonant portions that originally were not from the same word. These sound recordings will be my stimuli, which I will then play for Native Korean speakers. The Korean participants will then be asked to identify which word they hear, which will allow me to determine which consonant they hear. This will show whether the consonant or vowel portion is a stronger cue for the actual perception of the consonant.

I am very excited to start recording my first speaker!