Mapping and Mayors and Meetings, oh my!

Hello everyone!

Last you heard from me I was gearing up for a summer in Nepal creating datasets and giving GIS trainings. But the world is full of unanticipated situations, and the earthquake in Nepal a month ago threw a huge wrench in all of these careful plans. After the disaster, the rush of humanitarian aid to Nepal, and the beginnings of the community’s effort to rebuild, an undergraduate mapper like me became a bit superfluous considering the circumstances, and so contingency plans had to be made.

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New information and developments in the zebrafish lab

Hello all,

After a few weeks in the zebrafish lab, mixed results have been obtained. Results are results, though, so I will take this post to share with you what we have gathered so far about the zebrafish and where we are headed in the coming weeks.

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Artist’s Dye Fading Part 1: Jun 1st – Jun 16th

Before I actually started conducting scientific research I had an idea of what it would be like. I assumed that because science is inherently a logical, structured field that research would follow a set path with defined end goals and checkpoints. However after a very interesting summer so far I have come to realize that the actual conducting of research is very much organic. While it is necessary to have a set end goal, the path to achieve it can change rapidly and give rise to new areas of interest.

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Not If, But When

Hello Friends, Colleagues and Family Members,


It is day 18 in the Philippines and a whirlwind of activity has commenced since the six AidData Fellows landed in Manila. Now that we have oriented ourselves, this is my first post to keep you updated on our efforts . Throughout the next few weeks I will be incorporating maps, blogs and videos to illustrate our work.

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