Poetry and the Sea

I’m back! In my last post, I talked about my first encounter with the poet I studied this summer, Nada Skaff. What I didn’t get to discuss was the day we spent together on the Amalfi Coast.

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Storyboard, Act I: Structure and Plot

Early this summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Jonesborough, TN to visit the International Storytelling Center. The ISC is an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the ancient art form of storytelling, and the whole town of Jonesborough seems really excited about storytelling, all the time. I detailed my travel experiences here, if you want to read them (strong language warning, I think? And way too many pictures of old buildings). But that’s a travel summary, not an academic one–the academic one is this:

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Louisa May Alcott and Womanhood: A Summary of My Findings

I had originally wanted to look at Louisa May Alcott’s relationship with children. I wanted to know why a woman who has never had children of her own focused so much on childrearing in her novels. However, as I progressed into my research, I found that this was only part of a bigger issue. Therefore, I shifted my focus onto her attitude towards gender.

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How Can Mapping aid Art Collaboration in the Philippines?

Dear Friends,

As July comes to a close so does the Summer Fellows time in the Philippines. It’s sad to see the summer ending so quickly. As I have learned over the summer it takes time to find your footing some place new, especially coming in with very few connections.

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Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow…..art sample?


Small gamboge sample

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