Woody Internship at the Getty: Week 5

This week actually turned out to be rather calm, with no major events for me to work on. Instead, I spent most of my days in the office working on my projects. I am now pretty much finished with all the hotel and museum research for the IAMFA Conference, and also did some basic spreadsheets and more mundane assignments like that. Not that I’m complaining…it was rather nice to have a non-crazy week, especially since July is going to be super busy!

The two events that I did help out with were the Arts Summit for the Multicultural Undergraduate Interns and an education program called Art Adventures. The MUI Arts Summit was held for all the of the Getty’s “official” interns (my position is very much an anomaly…the MUIs are required to be residents of or students in Los Angeles County, as well as a minority). This basically required a couple check-ins with the event coordinator, Michelle, to make sure that everything was set up correctly and running smoothly. Other than that, we were pretty hands-off.

The second event, Art Adventures, was the first installment of a weekly summer program for families that allows them to go into the galleries with a museum educator and look at a specific work of art, then make their own artwork or craft based on what they just saw. It was very popular, with both sessions filled with enthusiastic kids and parents. I shadowed both of the options – one involved making little clay sculptures, the other group decorated cutouts of Greek-style vases – and really enjoyed both. The two educators had pretty different styles of teaching and instructing, but both did a great job of connecting with the families and making sure everyone had a great time.

Obligatory photo of the Getty...I simply cannot get over how beautiful this place is!

Obligatory photo of the Getty…I simply cannot get over how beautiful this place is!

I think the most valuable part of this past week was getting to sit down with Danielle for a couple hours and do a “reflection” on my experience thus far. It was great to talk to her and hear her feedback, as well as give her my own. This program is completely new to both William & Mary and the Getty, and Danielle and I are both doing our best to make it successful. I know there are certainly things I can improve, and I gave her a couple ideas for next summer too. Overall, I could not be more pleased with how everything has gone so far. While the internship is not as art history-focused as I initially expected, I actually really enjoy working in the events department and having a very active job. It’s different every day and while it can be tiring, it’s also extremely rewarding. This summer is only half over, and I’m already looking at different types of options for post-grad than I was before (for example, researching arts administration and arts management grad school programs rather than just art history). I’m incredibly grateful for this experience and cannot wait to see what the next month has in store!