Dar es Salaam

Habari? How is the news? My time in Tanzania so far has been exciting and jam-packed. We’ve established partnerships; learned some Swahili; collected survey data; met people from different parts of Tanzania and people from Senegal, Malawi, Botswana, Uganda, and South Africa; and we still have so much left to do in the coming weeks. A single summer is not nearly enough time to fully learn and understand a culture, but it has been great to get a glimpse.

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Woody Internship at the Getty: Week 9

Sorry I’m a bit late on this blog…this has been my last week here at the Getty and I’ve been super busy finishing up all my projects! But that’s for my last entry. For now, let’s talk about week 9.

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Robert Boyd: Fifth Post (Summary)

In total, I created three videos to promote the work at the Williamsburg Park Research lab.

A short video that briefly describes what the Park Rx program is and how it works.

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