Final draft of Storyboard and what is actually important in a game

I’m into board games. That’s a real thing you can be into, and I am into them. I will research a new game for days, agonizing if it’s worth the cost and figuring out the right context to play it in, and if I (or anyone else) will be good at it, before buying it. So it is really important to me that the project I come up with works as a board game, and not just a storytelling tool. The storytelling tool is, of course, the point of this project, but if it isn’t fun, then what’s the point? It will be played once, remarked upon as (hopefully) a well-structured set of rules that promotes the telling of a complex, significant, and engaging story, and then forgotten. But stories deserve better than that, so I want Storyboard to be a good time in addition to being academically sound.

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