Summer 2016 at LSE: Abstract

This summer, between June 20th and July 29th I will study negotiation at the London School of Economics on the Charles Center’s Kraemer Scholarship.


LSE’s coursework consists of two consecutive classes: Bargaining and Negotiation, and Personal Mastery in the Art of Negotiation. The first discusses official negotiation jargon such as “BANTA”, reservation points, and integrative bargaining. The second is a series of daily intensive negotiation simulations and feedback.


Many universities with great negotiation programs, but I choose LSE in the United Kingdom for its special connection to the United States legal system. As a pre-law and finance student, I am fascinated by the way the United Kingdom and the United states are booth rooted in common law, but each tweak and interpret it differently. I am especially interested in the United States’ legal battle over the role and regulation of labor unions. A few months ago, I listened to the Supreme Court’s oral argument of Friedrichs versus the California Teacher’s Association. A friend and I got in line at four A.M to be admitted to this case on public unions. I plan to explore this topic, as well as other business law topics, through LSE’s guest lecturer series.


I can’t wait to apply everything I learn in London, back in Williamsburg. I currently serve as student defense counsel for the honor and conduct systems, where I advise students who are accused of conduct code violations. I’m also on the Mason Women in Business Club’s executive board, and am a member of the debate team.   LSE’s negotiation coursework will improve my ability to preform all three of these roles, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity.