Abstract: Matrix Completion Problems

Hi! My name is Haoge Chang. I am currently a junior in the college and I am majoring in Applied Mathematics and Economics. I will be conducting research on matrix completion problems this summer, focusing on the completion problems of totally nonnegative matrices and totally positive matrices.  I hope that through my research I could discover more interesting properties of these problems.

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Hello Everybody!

Hello Everyone! My name is Jonah Yesowitz, and I’m a rising Sophomore. This summer, I will be doing research in Professor Dickter’s research lab about how labels affect smokers’ reactions to smoke related stimuli. I’m really excited.

Abstract: Geospatial data collection, storage, and analysis to inform USAID/Senegal CDCS process and Strategic Portfolio Reviews

Hi! My name is Catie and this summer I will be traveling to Dakar, Senegal to work with the USAID Mission’s Monitoring and Evaluation team. My responsibilities will be threefold: feasibility assessment/data collection, data storage, and data analysis. First I will be assessing the feasibility of geocoding the Mission’s projects, and then working with AidData to produce this data. Next I will develop data storage solutions so that the Mission can easily navigate and use their spatial data. Finally, I will work with the Monitoring and Evaluation team to perform covariate analysis on their geocoded data and evaluate their current projects. This research will be used to inform the Mission’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy and Strategic Portfolio Reviews.

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Abstract: The Rise of Oral Histories

Hello, my name is Mason Davis. I’m currently a Junior at William and Mary and am majoring in History. This summer I will be conducting research in order to answer the question “What caused oral histories to increase in number and use from 1930 to present?”

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