Abstract: The Multistep Synthesis of a p-Terphenyl Derivative

Hello all,

My name is Timothy Beck and I am a Junior majoring in Health Science and Biochemistry. My project seeks to achieve a new multi-step synthesis of a compound in the class of drugs called Terphenyls.

These drugs have shown applications in cancer treatment and antiviral therapy. Moreover, the reactions involved in each step are covered in-depth during the second semester organic chemistry lecture and would provide a more meaningful experience to students than some of the current labs.

This multi-step synthesis of a terphenyl derivative is an organic chemistry synthesis designed for a second semester organic chemistry lab to showcase the Witting, Dies-Alder, isomerization, and aromatization reactions.

The synthesis would be broken up into four separate lab exercises with the final exercise being the synthesis of the target product and the subsequent exercises synthesizing the intermediate molecules.