AidData Summer Fellows- Center for Remote Sensing and Geospatial Information Systems Ghana

Hi Everyone!

My name is Sarah Martin, and this summer I will be working at University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana with the Center for Remote Sensing and Geospatial Information Systems (CERSGIS) to collect geospatial data regarding development projects in Ghana, and use this data to progress their academic and policy research needs. The three main aspects of my work will be 1) locating and coding the coordinates of development projects from local government records, as well as identifying other sources of development data, 2) conducting analyses of the existing project database for academic and policy- based research, and 3) providing training, technical backstopping and mapping services to the National Development Planning Commision (NPDC). Although the exact research questions that I will be examining are yet to be defined by CERSGIS, I hope to gain a further understanding of how to not only construct geospatial databases, but also how to use them to reach scientific conclusions that have specific academic and policy implications. I also hope to hone my GIS and Remote Sensing skills for further use throughout my academic career. Through this project, I will have support from CERSGIS in gaining access to up- to date GIS technology, government records, existing databases, and other sources of development data in Ghana.