Jerusalem Trip Preparation


Through the Meyers-Stern Summer Scholarship, I have the opportunity to travel to Jerusalem, Israel for the entire month of June. I will be studying the role of the Temple Mount and the Holy Sepulchre in Judaic and Christian pilgrimages during Late Antiquity. Some questions that I would like to answer include: Why were the pilgrimages taken? How were the pilgrimages affected by the Temple Mount and/or Holy Sepulchre? And, How did pilgrimages shape the understanding of the Temple Mount and/or Holy Sepulchre? I will arrive in Jerusalem on June 1, and will depart June 30.

So far, I have been prepared for my trip by reading the first half of Jerome Murphy-O’Connor’s The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide, which is entirely about Jerusalem, compiling a list of all the sites that would have been around form or prior to the Byzantine Period. I have also given all of the sites a level of importance, by considering their relationship to the Holy Sepulchre or the Temple Mount during Late Antiquity and the amount of information that can gleaned from them. This will be my largest guide in determining which sites I will visit and the amount of time I will spend at each site. Next week, I plan on visiting the Citadel and the Muslim Quarter.

Most recently, I have been reading from Yaron Eliav’s God’s Mountain: The Temple Mount in Time, Place, and Memory. I have learned a lot about the scholarly debates revolving around the Temple Mount and Jerusalem in general, but I am most excited to read the last chapter, where Eliav discusses Jewish pilgrimages. Up next on my reading list is John Wilkinson’s Egeria’s Travels which is a translation of a Spanish nun’s pilgrimage with a lot of notes.


  1. Honey Bee says:

    God speed Dalton. An experience of a lifetime.

  2. dbruggieri says:

    Thank you Aunt Honey Bee.

  3. Brian Ruggieri says:

    Hey buddy, I just read all the blogs, you are awesome. Mom just informed me that the blogs could be read, you know me, always last to know. I did send everyone, your brother and sister and uncles and aunts, the blog info so they can read it as well. Very interesting. You seem to be covering quite a bit. Stay safe and I’ll be praying for you my son. Love you much, Dad

  4. Dalton, aunt maria here. Your dad has been sending me your emails. Very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more of your trip when we see you in a few weeks. I havent commented here before because believe it or not i am even more technologically challenged than your dad!! God bless you and have a safe trip home. Love you.

  5. dbruggieri says:

    That is quite all right. Thank you all.