Purpose of Research

In this first blog post I will address aspects of two parts of my project; namely, what they are, how they are connected, why they are uniquely important to the public, and the process by which I intend to complete them. For the first part of my project, I intend to research the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease by reading the available literature. My goal in doing this is to synthesize the information I find into a coherent narrative about the disease that is targeted at audiences with little background in science. With this information, I intend to create a user-friendly website that contains this information, videos that I will make to visually articulate science papers, and a weekly updated blog on recently published articles on a variety of topics in Alzheimer’s and neurodegeneration research. For the second part of my project, I intend to investigate local and national programming used in memory care units around the United States. I want to find the programs that work well and engage people affected by dementia, contributing to quality palliative care initiatives. I intend to tell the stories of these programs in a book, written for the benefit of those who have Alzheimer’s or are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. A shorter version of the information I gather during this part of the project will also be made available on the website along with contact information for the programs.

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