The river gets rocky…

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Final Days


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Update: Step 3 of the Multistep Synthesis; Isomerization

Hello all,

Isomerization (or rearrangements) is the process by which a molecule is transformed into an isomer of itself. That is, a molecule that undergoes isomerization will have all the same atoms as before but the way they are arranged will differ. Isomerizations can happen spontaneously when one isomer is more stable than the other. The energetically less-favorable isomer can still be generated by a catalyst. This sort of catalyzed isomerization reaction happens very regularly in the human body.

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Update #1: Aneuploidy in yeast

So far this summer I’ve really been enjoying the work that I’m doing in the lab and I’m excited to say that I’m finally starting to get some good results. The first couple weeks of research were slow going as I attempted to figure out how to optimize my experiment. A lot of what I do revolves around extracting DNA, diluting it to the right concentration, and replicating this DNA to try to figure out relative frequencies of different chromosomes. I had to spend quite a bit of time figuring out the optimal concentrations of DNA and primers as well as optimal temperatures to perform some of the steps required to replicate the DNA. I had to get the reaction to work perfectly before I was able to start testing specific chromosomes of strains that I thought might be out of balance.

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Update #2: Evaluating New Sources

Hello Everyone,

From June 27th to June 31st I visited Harlem, New York to conduct research at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in order to obtain more source material and background knowledge on the history of Hip-Hop, African-American social protest, and police brutality in America. I was fortunate enough to gather numerous resources during my visit and I have an estimated 15 new sources to read through before beginning the content analysis portion of my research. i was also fortunate enough to visit the Stephen A. Schwarzman building, which is the New York Public Library’s flagship research library. The Schwarzman building is an absolutely gorgeous building, which contains ample resources in topics related to general research. There, I was able to gather resources on content analysis methodology. After completing my library visits, I now have an abundance of new information read through, and I am looking forward to the process. I’ve attached photographs as well, so you can see what some of libraries and their exhibits.

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