Hello friends,

This is my first blog in about two weeks as I was on vacation last week in the Outer Banks with my family, and thus was not working at the museum. The beach was great (although very very hot), but I am super happy to be back in Williamsburg. Yesterday was my first day working solo–both Christina and Trish were out of town! I headed the World Made Small tour with our junior interpreter, Baron Joseph age 11, and we set up/broke down Creature Crafternoon (a program designed for families) in the afternoon. In between, we worked on a family guide directed towards helping adults engage their children in museums by playing gallery games. The guide is turning out well, I think, and Baron and I are really enjoying collaborating on it. He is truly a huge asset to our department. In the early afternoon we catalogued all of the identification numbers of objects classified as “toys” on display in the museum for another future family guide.

Today I am helping with the Dog’s Life tour as well as the Murder Mystery program later this afternoon. I am looking forward to potentially writing an article for Trends & Tradition (the CW magazine!) in the next few weeks, most likely about secret compartments/drawers in our furniture exhibit. I am also working on writing a tour on that topic or possibly another family guide. Next week I will be on vacation again with my family in St. George, Utah. Lots of updates about hiking and outside adventures to come!

To wrap up for today: life here at the museum is busy, but super fun and informational as always. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that this internship is presenting me with. Trish even wants me to continue helping out in the fall with one or more programs weekly!