Update on Computational Model of NF-κB in Multiple Sclerosis

Hello, it’s Ravi again. I just wanted to give an update on how the model has been progressing so far.

The first few weeks were spent reviewing over the old models made during the school year and troubleshooting problems within CellDesigner. After that the main focus was shifted to expanding the model and making decisions as to which cells to focus on. The main focus of the model was originally upon the macrophage since NF-kB seemed to play a major role in Macrophage differentiation, however, it was found that microglia and astrocytes also played a significant part in the inflammation pathway that NF-kB was famous for. As such, both parts of the cell were added to the model, and the cytokine TNF-a was also added as in many cases the two proteins seem to play in tandem with each other. A few problems were run into as the model underwent construction. First the idea of space and second, the idea of localization. Many of the articles that I read did not distinguish between the idea of localized reactions. Since cytokines played a very important part in my model, it was difficult to determine whether certain reactions would only occur in specific cells or not. Cell designer acts as a holistic program where species containers is an attribute that is recorded, but when starting to code the species into MATLAB, it becomes quite fickle.

Attached is a picture of the section of my model that most pertains to the oscillations inside the microglia regarding the transcription factor, NF-κB. Please click to zoom in.