What do colloids do?

Hello, everyone! I don’t know if you remember but this summer I’m working in Professor Kristin Wustholz’s lab using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) to identify dyes in paintings created by Charles Willson Peale. When I came in this summer I had an official list of things I wanted to get done and learn. They were: [Read more…]

Conclusion: A Promising Future for AP

So far this summer, I have worked on a few projects and had some promising results.  The paper we submitted received comments from reviewers, and I have been conducting new experiments to answer and fulfill their questions and comments. We hope that the paper will be published by the end of the summer.  In addition, I am diligently attempting to get some clean crystals for one of the cobalt complexes I wrote about in a past blog.  So far, this summer has been a very productive and promising journey.   I love having the opportunity to do full time research since, during the school year, I have very limited time to do chemistry research with all of my classes.  This way, I can dive deep into my chemistry research, and make larger dents in pushing my project forward.  I am planning on doing my honors thesis on this family of cobalt complexes, so I appreciate the jump start to senior year honors research.  I also received a summer research grant last year, and have been grateful to participate in the Charles Center Summer Research program each year.

Data in Dakar

Working at USAID is a whole new world. It is a massive organization that manages billions of dollars in aid per year. The Monitoring and Evaluation Team at USAID/Senegal has the (somewhat thankless) job of evaluating the success of these activities, across the Mission’s Health, Economic Growth, Education and Democracy offices. Part of my job here has been to get these offices to talk to each other.

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