Conclusion: A Promising Future for AP

So far this summer, I have worked on a few projects and had some promising results.  The paper we submitted received comments from reviewers, and I have been conducting new experiments to answer and fulfill their questions and comments. We hope that the paper will be published by the end of the summer.  In addition, I am diligently attempting to get some clean crystals for one of the cobalt complexes I wrote about in a past blog.  So far, this summer has been a very productive and promising journey.   I love having the opportunity to do full time research since, during the school year, I have very limited time to do chemistry research with all of my classes.  This way, I can dive deep into my chemistry research, and make larger dents in pushing my project forward.  I am planning on doing my honors thesis on this family of cobalt complexes, so I appreciate the jump start to senior year honors research.  I also received a summer research grant last year, and have been grateful to participate in the Charles Center Summer Research program each year.