Phase 2 Endline

Hello everybody!

I had quite an interesting first week here in Tanzania. As soon as I arrived, the research coordinator attached to the project here was wrapping up phase 2 of the experiment, which meant training surveyors to go into the field with survey software and tablets. In addition to assisting with the general training of the surveyors, I also had one specific duty. In order to include a behavioral outcome measure of whether women in the study adopted mobile money services, we planned on offering women in phase 2 a small amount of money in cash (approximately $1.50), or a slightly larger amount of money via mobile money (approximately $2.00). However, we were unsure of exactly how much of each type of transfer we should offer. So, to get a more informed estimate, I accompanied one of the surveyors to several markets around Dar Es-Salaam. We administered short surveys to women in the markets, asking how much money we would have to offer the women for them to prefer the transfer via mobile money services versus straight cash. We were very surprised by what we found: the women overwhelmingly preferred the mobile money services more than we had expected. To be fair however, women in Dar es-Salaam have much more access to the financial sector and cellular devices than women in rural areas.

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Tackling Art Samples

This summer I’m looking at Peale paintings but I’d only ever worked with references before this summer, never art samples. In order to become comfortable with them, I’ve looked at Dr. Wustholz’s old art samples from their first paper and found some interesting things: [Read more…]

Monarchs and Video

Hello everyone,

Pre-production is now well underway, and things are going very smoothly. Last week, I acquired a brand new camera for the shoot, a 5D Canon Mark III, and the images are absolutely splendid. Next week I will be skyping with an artist, Etienne Chambaud, in order to discuss the types of lenses that will be most useful in the forest and will then look into purchasing them. In addition, I have been working hard on getting a coherent budget on the table and I just finished it today. It is incredible how fast the numbers can add up! I will attach it to this update for anyone who is interested in film production.

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