Blog Post 2: 8/1/2016 – Deep In the Marsh – Hunting Island State Park

What a great start to the summer. Now that I’ve been here over a week, I’m starting to get in the swing of research. Like most processes, procuring the crab traps and the appropriate permits was slow at the beginning. There’s always red tape and bureaucracy that can muddle efficiency. Nevertheless, we’ve been successful thus far in the marsh.

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Woody Internship at the Getty: Week 5

Camouflage, Creativity and Kids 

One of the many programs that happen during the summer here at the Getty are educational art labs for children and families. Museum Education works with a local artist to create a 20 minute art lesson based on a piece in our permanent collection. This summer, artist Bryan Keene crafted a lesson on animal camouflage and coloration, inspired by “A Hare in the Forest,” a painting by Hans Hoffman from the 1530s.

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Summer Update #1

Hey guys!

Hope everyone’s summer has been going well so far! Between the numerous amounts of fire drills in Bryan Complex and ISC and the scorching heat of Williamsburg, I’ve still had an amazing summer doing research and I’m sad to see it end soon.

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When the Professors are Away….

Last week, both of our advisors were on vacation, so we were left to our own devices. We were excited to be independent researchers (even though our professors were only a phone call away) and see how well we could function. Naturally, 30 seconds after one professor left we had to chase him down at the Sunken Gardens because we forgot to ask something. We were left with three main tasks: start collecting a new set of data, continue stripping the resin from the previous data, and keep the liquid nitrogen in the gamma lab full.

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