Summer Update #1

Hey guys!

Hope everyone’s summer has been going well so far! Between the numerous amounts of fire drills in Bryan Complex and ISC and the scorching heat of Williamsburg, I’ve still had an amazing summer doing research and I’m sad to see it end soon.

One of the projects I’ve been working on is a collaboration with the Harbron lab, specifically with Hong-Anh. We’ve had a great time learning different techniques from each other – I’ve shown her the ropes of the biology aspect of the project and she’s helped show me the chemistry part. This project entails making green fluorescent protein (GFP) mutants and reacting them with dyes. GFP does not naturally have the chemical functional group on it for the reaction, so we have the cells incorporate what it needs at various spots on the protein.

Throughout the summer, we’ve run into a couple problems that hindered us from obtaining a sufficient amount of protein for this project. For the first time last week, however, we finally got enough to continue to the next step!

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!
Sanjana Verma


  1. crtravis says:

    Greetings Sanjana,
    So glad that your research is going well. I totally know what you mean with the scorching heat and fire drills — not my favorite combination either.

    I think it’s great that you’re getting the opportunity to collaborate with another lab and learn lab techniques and strategies from a different perspective. In regards to your project, why did you choose to work with GFP as opposed to another protein? I assume the fluorescence of GFP makes it easier to observe, but are there any other reasons? Good luck on the next step of your project…hopefully it’s a little quicker than this past step!