Final Weekly Update: Colonial Williamsburg Art Museum

As I contemplate this, my final week at the DeWitt Wallace Art Museum in Colonial Williamsburg, I find myself amazed at the amount that I have learned in such a short time. I would like to thank the Woodys again for the opportunity to spend my summer in such a wonderful place.

This past week I was privileged to give a live tour through both the Colonial Williamsburg Facebook page and the art museum’s Facebook page as well as publish a blog post on the Making History blog about our Dog’s Life tour. Giving a live tour was certainly an experience that I will never forget! Although, in my opinion, the tour was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it definitely was an incredible opportunity and great to put myself on the spot to see how far I have come in learning how to speak to the public about our exhibits.

Yesterday I also¬†attended a program about Williamsburg following the Revolution through the 21st century. It was fascinating! Did you know that there was a railroad through DOG street in 1881?? I didn’t until yesterday…I didn’t even know that the capitol building was not the one that many famous founding Virginians such as Jefferson, Henry, ect. would not have known.

Other activities from this final week include finishing up the family guide called “Gallery Games” that Baron, our junior interpreter, and I have been working on for the past few weeks. Hopefully, it will soon be printed and available for parents¬†who come to our museum and need some extra guidance on how to entertain their kids. I have accepted Trish’s invitation to come in and volunteer during the school year at least once a week at a program. Also, my secret compartments tour was approved! Thus, I will spend some time finalizing the tour so that it can be added to the schedule sometime this year. I am super excited to give a tour of my own as I enjoyed learning the other two so much. Before I can actually give the tour though, I need to know exactly how all of the secret drawers operate, so Tara, one of our curators, is coming back to open all of the compartments for me again tomorrow morning. (She is literally the best for meeting with me again.)

That’s all I’ve got right now, but as I hope to be able to spend much more time in the museum this year, this is not a conclusion, but merely the end of a chapter. I need to run up to our weekly murder mystery program now, thanks for bearing with my stream of consciousness for the past few weeks!

(P.S. Come to the art museum in CW, it really is one of the most amazing places I have ever experienced.)


  1. Evelyn Strope says:

    Hi Emma! I am actually writing part of my undergraduate thesis on Williamsburg’s influence outside of the eighteenth century and its role as an economic and cultural center long past the move of the capital to Richmond. Is the program that you attended a continuously-running program, and what was it called? I would love to experience it myself if I could!

  2. Dan Delmonaco says:

    Hi Emma,

    I’m so glad that working at the CW Art Museums has gone so well for you this summer. The DeWitt Wallace and the Folk Art collection are amazing and it sounds like you really got a great experience curating and interpreting such a large collection. I’m curious what your thoughts were of conducting a “Facebook Live” tour versus one of the regular tours of the museum. This is such an interesting idea to make the information available using relatively new technology. I’ll be happily searching the CW page for further experiences like this one!