Closing Blog Post

My trip to Tanzania was a truly extraordinary experience. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor Roessler for making this trip possible, as well as his research assistant Peter Carroll for making the whole experience amazing. While we generated quite a bit of valuable knowledge and made a significant contribution to the literature, the things that will stick with me most closely are the experiences. From watching the entirety of the Euro 2016 tournament in the same sports bar, to going on safari and seeing all of the Big 5, these are memories that will remain with me forever.

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Woody Internship at the Getty: Blog 7

Return of Friday Flights and Saturdays Off the 405

I’ve decided to lump all of July’s Friday Flights and SOT405 into one post, rather than include them in my roughly weekly blogs so that I can reflect on my experience of working these big public program events all at one time since I won’t be around for the August ones.

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Summer Research Conclusion Post

Hello everyone!

It’s crazy that the summer is already over – it feels like it just started!  Overall, I had a great summer and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be in a lab doing research as just a rising sophomore.  I know that I’ve learned lots of different and useful laboratory techniques that will benefit me tremendously in the future.

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Feeling V(ery) R(eluctant)

This week I went to Capitol Hill’s Virtual Reality Event at their Visitor Center. A few Phillips staff members and I watched a panel discussion on emerging VR technologies, changing federal policies on the subject, and the implications of VR in our daily lives and work. We also got the opportunity to test out VR designed by different companies, which had a variety of applications: from the leisure-related, like music videos; gaming; storytelling; and promoting tourism; to the more practical, like job training; education; and even distraction therapy for hospitalized patients. Then there was the use that was more relevant to us, which involves bringing the museum experience to people that are incapable of experiencing it in real life.

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