Blog Post 4: 8/19/2016 – Early Rising – Hunting Island State Park

Hey there,

I’m doing very well here on Hunting Island State Park. This week was full of festivities. To start out the week, when I left the crab traps momentarily to go buy a soda, I returned to the crab pots dangling over the water. They had been tampered with and tied high up. I was slightly confused because no one had taken the pots themselves, or the crabs, but decided instead to leave them there.  I untied the knots and didn’t think much of it. As it turns out, when I was retrieving the hand truck to tote them back for the day, I ran into a ranger. I knew that there would be question regarding six commercial crab traps on a small marsh dock, so I told hi m what I was doing, and the details, and all was fine. But it turned out that someone had called the police, stating that someone was illegally crabbing on the park (it wasn’t in fact illegal, but whoever pulled them up thought so). This is just a reminder to make sure all your “Ts” are crossed and all your “Is” dotted because you never know when some disgruntled individual is going to stir with your process or project. This also serves as a reminder that people take fishing and crabbing rules seriously, I suppose for the sake of fairness.

Other than that, we pulled in several females from the marsh dock for the first time. The data is generous in terms of crab count, and I’ve seen some terps poke their heads out in the water over this week, but none have wandered in yet.

The tides are early, so the mornings are cool. I had to fetch one of the crab traps in the marsh because a buoy went overboard… talk about spa treatment.

That’s all for now.

Your friend,