Preparing to Conduct Research in Chaguite, Nicaragua

In the past month I have been working closely with Professor Aday drafting and finalizing interview questions and creating the Women Focus Group Protocol. My goal is to facilitate a conversation at the informal level through the focus group to learn more about women’s roles and utilize the interview questions to ask about women’s involvement and level of participation at the community level. Additionally, I have reviewed pertinent literature about other researchers who have conducted research on women’s participation and involvement at the community level. The literature review on the history and role of women in Nicaragua has also helped situate my research and expand my knowledge on the customs and culture of the Nicaraguan women.
I arrived in Managua yesterday and took the drive to Octotal that same night. Today was prep, I reviewed of the interview schedule and planned for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is when I will be going up the mountain to Chaguite to conduct interviews and meet with the community members. I am excited to get in the field and learn more about women in Nicaragua!