Conserve, Preserve, Observe – Winterthur Week 2

I’m about to wrap up my second week interning with the Curatorial Department at Winterthur Museum, Gardens, and Library. The days have been incredibly varied – one day I uploaded multimedia files to Winterthur’s database so anyone can visually see print works in Winterthur’s collection, another day I helped the Registration Department transport boxes of recently fumigated textiles to their storage space during cataloguing and photographing, and yesterday I visited the “Gray Building” with Josh, the Furniture Curator, to record accession numbers for potential pieces to go on display in the estate in time for an upcoming furniture conference later this year. Some days I spent hours online, and others I was barely at my desk. There is some consistency in long term cataloguing projects, but also variation in unexpected duties and tasks that require venturing to new parts of the property.

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