Getting to Know the Museum Family

While my third week at the Phillips Collection was mostly focused on researching museum digital strategies, my smaller projects and conversations throughout the week helped me gain a better understanding of the various groups that make up a museum. Sitting in on a Board of Trustees committee meeting helped me see how the museum’s governing body interacts with its staff, giving me a better sense of the role that the board plays in the museum’s overall functions. Working on research in the museum’s library introduced me to the roles of museum librarians, and the differences between museum libraries and typical libraries. This week I also learned about the unique position of Museum Assistant (MA) at the Phillips Collection, and how it ties back to the museum’s founding ideals. Learning about various museum positions on both general and individual levels showed me not only how many different members of the museum family exist, but also how theses members work together to make up one seamless institution.

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My first week at the Getty



I’m Helen and I’m a rising senior at St Andrews studying Art History with Classical Studies. I’ve just completed my semester abroad at W&M and I’m undertaking a Woody Museum Studies internship at the Getty Centre in LA.

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