Punk Life to Circus Life

Though last week was shorter (thanks to July 4th), it was still packed with Phillips-style fun and a couple of fantastic field trips. With visits to the Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Folklife Festival, and a punk-inspired Phillips after 5, this week full of fun made it easy to come back to work after a long weekend.

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Time’s Fun When You Have Flies

It’s been another couple of weeks in lab—let me catch you up.

First of all, I’ve started experimenting with different types of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) in the culture media I use for live cell imaging of isolated fly gonads. I’m doing this to find a type of serum that optimizes cell differentiation observed in the gonads under the confocal microscope. Recently, I established a set of control conditions under which isolated gonads can survive for 12 hours. I will use these conditions for all my trials. I then ran a trial using Sigma brand FBS and Optima brand FBS. Unfortunately, I saw no differentiation using either type of FBS. Next, I will try using fresh versions of each type of FBS since both versions I previously used were nearing their expiration dates. If this also doesn’t work, I may play around with different concentrations of FBS in the culture media and different types of insect media (another major ingredient in live cell imaging culture media).

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