Ai Weiwei to Klee

Last week at the Phillips Collection was filled with more exciting projects and field trips, keeping me so busy that I almost forgot that I’ll be finishing up my internship pretty soon.  From proofreading manuscripts to making loan receipts to visiting striking exhibitions, this week certainly kept me on my toes.

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Research Check-In Part 2

The current goal for my project is to synthesize a functional catalyst for the hydrogen oxidation reaction (HOR) of significant yield. Several mechanistic reaction pathways have been proposed, including methods used by lab members in past years, as well as methods from published literature. For each attempt to correctly synthesize the ligand (where the “ligand’ is a compound that will later be attached to a metal to make up the catalyst), I must perform the reaction, and then test it to see whether or not the reaction worked and whether or not I have truly synthetized what I’m looking for. The difficulty stems not from the reaction itself, but from the post-reaction purification step, which involves lengthy separation of the compound from any impurities.  From the set-up of the initial reaction, to testing the purity of the molecule post-separation, the entire process of synthesizing a ligand can take from a few days to a week. With every attempt, there always variables that can be tweaked to improve the conditions of the procedure and thus increase yield of the product.

Summer Research Check In – Week 7

I finally finished the database, which holds the names of veterans from the Library of Congress’s Veterans History Project, that I have been working on since the beginning of the summer. I am continuing to look for sources talks about Filipinos, known as Manilamen, who may have served along Andrew Jackson during the Battle of New Orleans. Professor Sohoni is writing a book on his research and I am helping him find case studies, by using the database I created, to incorporate into his book.

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“The air of the best class”: The Interesting Character of Lieutenant Hubert Noel Charles


                    Lieutenant H. N. Charles

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A New Library Card and a Bunch of Old Books

Hi Guys!

I haven’t posted since my abstract, but consider that a tribute to how much I’ve gotten done since then.

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