Quantifying the Interview Questions

At this point in my project, I am looking at the data by quantifying the answers to the questions I have posed in the interviews. What I have learned from the community is that women do attend the community meetings. I posed this question, in the last 6 months have you attended a community meeting? 77.77% of women said that they had attended a community meeting. 66.66% of women attended a community meeting in the last 6 months. Attendance is not the same as participation. I have defined that participation entails an active role . In the questions I posed, I asked if the women had spoken at the community meeting. Of the women who said that they had attended a community meeting in the last 6 months, 22.22% of them said that they did not speak because they did not feel comfortable/confident. The theme of conversation is an influence on whether or not the women speak at the community meeting. Additionally, women think that the theme of the conversation influences if other women speak at the community meeting. In regards to women having more influence over issues in the community, 70.37% said that women have more influence over issues pertaining to health or education. The last questions concerned with women gender roles are still to be analyzed and quantified, however, I am satisfied with the progress so far. In my next post I will talk more specifically on what the answers to the questions mean in a qualitative sense.


  1. Lizzy Flood says:

    Sounds like a really informative survey about women’s comfort in speaking out. I’m curious about whether or not the ratio of women to men at the meeting influenced whether or not they felt comfortable voicing their opinion. Also very interested in that women said they had more influence over health or education issues. Both of those issues maybe connect to the idea of women being viewed as more of the “caretakers” in society.