“For King and Country”: A Look at James McCudden’s Manuscript

“I am now in England training the young idea, but my heart is in France amongst the gallant boys who are daily dying,, and those who are dead, having given themselves to that most wonderful Cause-

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13 Biographies Of Potential Participants in Study

Research Assignment for Summer 2017

I started off my research on the effects of affinity groups on African American women at PWIs. Originally I thought I would be conducting interviews, but by the time my research started all of the interviews for my study had already been conducted. My assignment was to complete 13 biographies for potential participants in another study that Dr. Natoya Haskins was also conducting this summer along with transcribing the interviews for my study.

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Sampling Lake Cores from Norway

The goal of my research is to compare lead concentrations from a mid-latitude lake and a high latitude lake. Lake Matoaka served as my mid-latitude lake at 37 degrees North. For my high latitude lake I’m looking at Lake Ostadvatnet in Northern Norway, which lies at 68 degrees North. The Matoaka core was taken in the spring of 2016 by a former William and Mary Geology student for her thesis. The Ostadvatnet core was taken in May of 2017. Below are images taken from Google earth showing where the lake is located in Norway. The second image although blurry shows the shape of Ostadvatnet, marked by the yellow pin. The red circle surrounds the Viking Museum, where a Viking Longhouse existed around 800AD. The core from Ostadvatnet goes back around 5000 yrs. Which means it contains a 5000 year record of lake sedimentation and lead concentrations. We are interested to see if we can see a spike in lead concentration around where we believe 800AD is located on the core.

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