And in Conclusion…the work must go on!

I’ve been back in America for precisely a week and I’m already missing the familiarity of both my apartment and my office in Edinburgh. Yet despite the thousands of miles of separation, I am still tied to my temporary home by my work, because my plane ticket did not put a stopper in it. The survey was sent out and now we are waiting for the answers to roll in so that I can analyze them, summarize them, and then finally, complete the paper I started in June. While the summer research is, obviously, limited to the summer months, the research I was lucky to be a part of will definitely continue in to autumn. It makes me feel like my work isn’t just a summer fling, so to speak, but something that is part of the real world; research that isn’t just a part of my small academic bubble, but something that affects other peoples’ lives. I can’t wait for the final answers to come in and to be able to analyze them, but even now, just a few weeks away from the summer research presentations, I really feel like I’ve been a part of something different, and I’ve learnt so many interesting things as well as multiple new skills. It’s been an amazing summer and I hope to not only do something similar next summer, but potentially something similar with the rest of my life.

The Final Countdown

We are in the last week of research this summer – what a ride it has been. Reflecting on the past few months, I have never endured such an intense period of rigorous academic investment. In the few days left I am finishing up my dataset and performing statistical analysis.

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“A Huguenot;” Finding and Analyzing a Unique Piece of Memory

I’ve decided to write today on what has kept me from writing another blog post. Since July 18th, I’ve been working almost constantly on what I think is the key find for the summer. But rather than give anything away now, let me write how I found it first.

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Further Research on Natalie Curtis: Family Influences

After looking through some of the questions on my last post, I thought I would look deeper into Natalie Burlin’s familial background. As aforementioned, she was born into an affluent family in New York City during the late 19th century. Interestingly enough, Theodore Roosevelt was a family friend of the Burlins. In fact, when she ran into some regulatory issues in an attempt to research the communities at the Hopi Reservation, Roosevelt pulled some strings so that she could continue her work.

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