And in Conclusion…the work must go on!

I’ve been back in America for precisely a week and I’m already missing the familiarity of both my apartment and my office in Edinburgh. Yet despite the thousands of miles of separation, I am still tied to my temporary home by my work, because my plane ticket did not put a stopper in it. The survey was sent out and now we are waiting for the answers to roll in so that I can analyze them, summarize them, and then finally, complete the paper I started in June. While the summer research is, obviously, limited to the summer months, the research I was lucky to be a part of will definitely continue in to autumn. It makes me feel like my work isn’t just a summer fling, so to speak, but something that is part of the real world; research that isn’t just a part of my small academic bubble, but something that affects other peoples’ lives. I can’t wait for the final answers to come in and to be able to analyze them, but even now, just a few weeks away from the summer research presentations, I really feel like I’ve been a part of something different, and I’ve learnt so many interesting things as well as multiple new skills. It’s been an amazing summer and I hope to not only do something similar next summer, but potentially something similar with the rest of my life.