Summary and Reflection

If there is one thing that I learned from this research experience is the value of human connection and speech. Communicating and talking with these amazing women in Nicaragua enhanced my understanding of their practices and culture. I was able to learn so much about myself and what I truly value in my own life through this experience that has helped me grow both in my academic and personal life. I learned that there are different roles and tasks that women have. Primarily the role of the women is to take care of the household by cleaning, washing, cooking, taking care of the children, and gathering water. I have been able to come to the conclusion that there are different gender roles that women and men have in the community and in their household, however, linking gender roles to community participation in women is a more complex conclusion to make. Women do attend the community meetings and speak at these meetings. Before the presentations in a few weeks I will be working with my advisor for my research by looking more closely at trends and correlations between the questions. I hope to continue this research this fall and travel back to Nicaragua in the near future.