Women’s Gender Role

For the last questions in the interview schedule I wanted to ask more specific questions about gender roles of women. I did this by asking basic questions concerning household tasks. Question 9 asked if the women lived with a companero which can mean husband or boyfriend. 64.28% said that they did live with a companero. There is no significant trend correlating their relationship status with their responsibilities in the household. Question 10 asked more specifically about women’s gender roles as relating to different tasks, and decision making in the household. The question asked if they do different tasks and if they don’t then who does it in the household. The first sub question asks about women’s responsibilities in the household. 67.85% of the women stated that their responsibilities in the household include cleaning, washing, taking care of the children if they have any and preparing the food for the family. 42.85% of women get the water for the household by themselves, while the other women have help from their husbands or sons. All the women who were interviewed said that they prepare the food for the family either alone or with their mother and or daughter. Purifying the water is another task that women primarily do, some with their husbands. Men, whether they are the women’s husbands, brothers, or sons primarily make the money for the family. In the community, work is not necessarily steady for the men at times they must travel outside the community to find work. It is important to note that women can make money for themselves or their family or doing chores for other members of the community who pay them for their services. Deciding what to do with the money that the family earns is not as linear. Some women decide together with their husbands, others the husband decides or the men in the house decide how the money will be used. Washing the clothes and taken care of the children is a gender role that women primarily taken on. Lastly taking care of the animals that the family might have and harvesting or taking care of the plants is a job that both women and men do. At this point in my research I can conclude that there are gender roles that both men and women take on in the community women’s role primarily is to cook, wash the clothes, take care of the children, and cook the food for the family. The men on the other hand, work to support the family and are the primary decision makers when it comes to figuring out how to spend their money and other resources that the family has.


  1. merenshaw says:

    This research sounds very interesting. It’s awesome that you got to conduct interviews for your research and get primary accounts of people’s daily lives.

  2. ejackson01 says:

    These are such interesting questions! For the one regarding women’s gendered responsibilities, it might be interesting to break down cooking, cleaning and taking care of children into separate questions. I would imagine men are more likely to take on certain responsibilities relating to children (especially sons)– could be interesting to consider as part of your analysis of community gender roles! Overall, very interesting polling!