Abstract: Comparative analysis of Hindu and Christian- related education in American public schools

Recently, there has been an increased amount of criticism from Hindu advocacy groups about how Hinduism has been portrayed by public school curricula across the United States. Common criticisms claim that when discussing Hinduism, the curricula of public schools tend to focus on its negative aspects, such as social injustices and violence caused by the religion, while when discussing Christianity the curricula¬† avoids such topics. Over the summer I will research the curricula in k-12 schools in California, where many of the law suits have been, Texas, because it has a history of being accused of Christian bias within its public schools, Massachusetts since other states commonly borrow curriculum from the state, and Virginia for my own first-hand knowledge of the state’s curriculum. I look through all the curricula for every mention of the two religions and compare the amount of material, what that material focuses on, and assess all the material for factual accuracy.